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Oldsmobile Junction!

Welcome to Oldsmobile Junction!

This is the first issue of our new magazine format! We hope the wait has been well worth the frustration.

In the coming days you will find links to the various topics included in this months offering. All the usual features are included, some with a new look, as well as some new areas.

We apologize for the delays in photo posting, ad posting, and e-mail replying. Your undying patience will be rewarded, we hope, with a more useful and interesting website to help in your Olds pursuits.

This month in OldsJunction:

Editors Note
From the staff (OK from me)
Your letters, gripes, likes, whatever...
Launch Pad
Toys Toys Toys!
Tech/Build Up
Late model steering gearbox on a 68-72 A body
Featured Car
John Dieter's 1971 Cutlass Supreme Convertible. This lime green beauty hails from Joliet, IL. more >

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