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A collection of Olds related parts available here and there.

      Here is a cool wheel from Newstalgia Wheel, a division of Coker Tire. These are billet aluminum GM SS style wheels. They come in in sizes ranging from 17X7 to 18X9.5. They even have the correct Olds SSI style center cap to finish out the wheel. They are a bit pricey but look very cool. You can check them out at:

     Here are a few different valve covers available. The 2 chrome ones can be purchased from Jeg's, Summit, or the speed shop of your choice. The Edelbrock's are about $40pr, and the Moroso's run $45pr. The cast Oldsmobile pieces are from GM Performance Parts. You should be able to order these through any GM dealership, for around $94ea (ouch!)

Here is a cool part I found from American Racing. These are for the Torque Thrust wheels. These run $35 ea. You should be able to get these from the same place you buy the wheels.

Here is an item from Auto Meter that I found. This is a gauge pod that mounts to the "A" pillar just to the left of the driver. Why should the rice-rockets have all the fun? These hold the 21/16" size gauges and come configured to hold 1 gauge(pn 10184) at $25 or 2 gauges(pn 10183) at $32. I believe these are also available at either Jeg's or Summit.

This is a GM Performance Parts piece. It comes with top and bottom plates, air filter, and cool looking Rocket logo spinner nut to hole it on. I have one of these on my 68, and it looks sharp! The GM part number is 12342070. This should be around $55. It used to be listed on but I seem to be having problems finding it there or the GM Performance Parts online catalog. I have heard that if you twist Summit Racing's arm, they can get it for you.

Yes, from time to time, it does snow in Dallas, Texas. Here's the proof:

This was Feb. 6, 2002

Here are some more GM Performance Parts. These are cool looking gauges made by Auto Meter. They have the 80's Olds rocket logo on the face, and range in price from $45 - $300. You should be able to order these at most GM dealerships. The first 2 are Tachs, the second row contains: Boost Gauge, Oil Pressure, Water Temp, Oil Temp, and Amps. All are liquid filled except the tachs and ammeter.

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