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        This section should help you find most anything you are looking for on this site. Below you will find a quick run-down of the links listed at the left. As always if you can't find what you need, feel free to e-mail us.

Home Section

Use this button and sub-menu to return to the main page, return to this page, perform an in-depth search across many Olds related sights, or contact us.

Rocket Talk

Our chat room. There are many knowledgeable regulars in here almost every night. Stop by and say hi!

Rocket Science

This section with it's sub-menus covers most aspects of Olds knowledge. All the tech info, production figures, paint codes, etc. can be found here. This section is always being updated and submissions are always welcomed.

Olds FAQ

The Oldsmobile bible. If you can't find it here, you may never find it. Comprised from many contributors over a span of several years from the Oldsmobile list server (news group). Very in-depth, accurate, and resourceful.

Message Boards

Here you can find links to several Oldsmobile message boards across the net. More will be added soon.

Rocket Sightings

Just a fun section covering Olds cars in Movies, TV, Books, Magazines, and other media. Toys, model kits and other collectibles will be added in the near future.

Olds Clubs

Here you will find links to most of the better known Oldsmobile related car clubs in the United Stated and Canada. There are a few overseas clubs listed as well. Additions always welcomed.


Links and listings for various Olds part suppliers across the US. Also there are a few cool parts we come across from time to time.


Our classified ad section. Buy, sell, or Trade. All private ads are free until further notice.

E-Mail Lists

Here you can find a description of the different E-Mail lists/news groups available to join.

Visitor's Rides

The photo section of our site. Browse the pics, add your own, or do some more hands-on visual research for you restoration.


Just random Olds related links. The more the merrier.

Web Rings

Short cuts to the different Olds content web-rings.

Guest Book

Go here and tell us who you are, where you come from, and why you love your Olds!

About Us

A brief description of who and what we are.

Classic Oldsmobile

Our partner in crime. Olds Junction would not be what it is today without these guys. Please support their sight. Thanks Ed!!!

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