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        If your are not a member of an E-mail group, I highly recommend it. These are very useful and informative tools for restoring, repairing, modifying, and finding Oldsmobiles. Basically an E-mail group or list is a message board, a newsletter, and a enthusiasts group all rolled up in one. You can e-mail a question to the "list server" and it is immediatly distributed to all the registered members for that group via e-mail. Same goes with replies and other info sent to the server. Then one, or more people can reply to the query. I recommend subscribing to the list in "digest mode" which collects submitions to the list server and bundles them together in one 30mb e-mail. In real time mode you can expect up to 100 messages per day, which is more than some e-mail systems can handle, thats where the digest can really help things out. Below you will find a list of the different Olds related e-mail list servers that we currently know about. If you have any additions or corrections, as always, you can send them here: Webmaster at [email protected].

Oldsmobile E-Mail Lists:

Olds E-MailList
This is the general Oldsmobile list. It covers a wide range of cars. Valuable reference source. If you don't join any of the others, at least join this one. Digest mode STRONGLY recommended here.

OldsGMail.com G-Body E-Mail List
This is the "G" body e-mail list. "G" bodies are generally thought of as the Cutlass models from 78-88, although the G designation was not technically given to the Cutlass until the 1982 model year when the Cutlass Ciera recieved the "A" moniker.

Yahoo E Groups - Olds 73-77 73-77 E-Mail List
This is for the Cutlass Coupes from 1973 - 1977. This list is hosted by Yahoo Groups, which means you will have to become a member of Yahoo to join this list. It only takes a second, and it's worth it.

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