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      "Oldsmobile Junction" was started in the summer of 2000 by myself, Jeff "70RagTop" Herbert. I have been involved with Oldsmobiles most of my life, and have owned at least 1 Olds since I had a drivers license. I started this web site to fill a niche and just because I love ALL Oldsmobiles. I could not make this site happen with out the support of my family and Olds friends. Below you will find a list of the people that help make this happen. Please drop us a note to tell us what you think, how we can be better, or just to say HI !

      Come join us in the chat room almost every night at Rocket Talk, and see what the buzz is all about. Dont forget to send pictures of your car for our Visitor's Rides section!

  • Jeff "70RagTop" Herbert

    I started the site in 2000 and have been involved in the Olds scene since 1985. Click on my name to visit my personal page and see my cars.

  • Dave Gooch

    Our resident technical expert. Has/is working to provide part #'s for popular brands of aftermarket parts such as: cams, intakes, gaskets, pistons, ect... Click on his name above to send him an e-mail.

  • John S Pajak

    John has an extensive collection of Olds', including 442's, W cars, ect. John is a contributor and submits tech info from time to time. Click on name above to see his personal site.

  • Steve Harrison

    Steve is our Olds 307 contact. He also has experience with the 80's models, and emissions compliance. Click above to see his site.

  • Karl Aunan

    Karl is the "B" body fanatic of the bunch. Follow his many exploits with his Olds Press submitions from time to time.

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