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     Hi, I have a 69 cutlass and I am looking for the center wheel caps, but the thing is mine are not the snap on kind they screw in. I ordered some and they were the snap on and they were smaller???? Where do I find the kind I need?

     Dale, it appears as if the ones you purchased were intended for the 75 thru 88 SSIII style wheels. the 68-74 wheels use a beefier center ornament which bolts on using 5 self taping screws. These can be obtained from Original Parts Group, part # CTL1004 at a cost of $37.95 at press time.
You can reach OPG at: 800-243-8355 or www.opgi.com

     Hi I'm looking for a set of headers for my 1971 Cutlass Supreme Convert. I have talked to Holley and Hedman they say they do not make them for the Supreme because the engine is slightly offset to the right. I have one place that custom builds them but they want $500 (Mondello's) Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks DEETS

     Well Deets, the information both Holley and Hedman have is completely incorrect. I have a set of Dynomax headers on both my 70 Supreme convertible and on my 72 Supreme hardtop without a single problem. Dynomax also claims the same fitment problems. I am not sure where this rumor got started or how it has managed to stay alive all these years but it is just that, rumor. We have tried many times to contact these companies and correct this error, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears and Mondello knows better. You did not mention the engine size, but I suspect you are referring to the 350. The Hedman, Holley, and Dynomax designed for the 350 Cutlass' will all work just fine.

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