Rag Top's Rides

Jeff "70RagTop" Herbert

These are our rides:

My Many Other Interests

     Music has always been a very important factor in my life. I have been playing guitar now for over 16 years. My collection of Ibanez Guitars is ever growing, Up to 10 so far (mostly 500 series RG guitars) and I'm always on the prowl for unusual early 90's Ibanez instruments. I have been playing in various local bands the last 10 years. The Heavy Metal/Power-Groove scene is my first choice. Classic Rock, '80s Metal, Blues, and Smooth Jazz also deeply inspire me . My last band, Madden Syndrome played around the North Texas and Louisiana area for about 2-3 years.

     Now on to the Hot Wheel collection. Some how, some where, I decided that I must have every Hot Wheel, Matchbox, and Johnny Lightening toy car ever made. Although that is not the case, I do have over 5000 cars in my collection. This is actually where my love for Oldsmobile's came from. (See "The 70 Rag Top!" above for more on that topic) Time, and space constraints limit my pursuit of the larger 1:24 and 1:16 scale Die Casts.

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