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Karl's Korner

    Karl our resident "B" body fanatic gives his outlook this month on judging at the Oldsmobile car shows.

Judge For Yourself
Karl Aunan

Mr. Casey.
Thank you for your article in the May 2001 JWO. Also thank my sloth.

It was our intention to send you a missive in an angrier tone than this, but your article indicates that that would be misplaced. Had we sent sooner, the content herein would have been regrettable.

To the point then. We are writing to query the validity of some judging concepts.

In point of fact, the 2000 Quad State meet had an admirable showing of 1969 Hurst Olds cars. One being an original convertible. Yet every one that did not have the original (what is it? Polyglass? Polysteel?) tire received a deduction.

We take exception to that. These were some very fine cars, as shown.

During the ownership, or rather, custodianship, of a fine Oldsmobile, the owner must make certain changes, esp. new tires et alii.

For example, Karl's car. Which, if you were at the Lone Star National Meet, you certainly did see. We had non-original tires (235/75R15) , non-original headlamps (halogen), and a non-original ignition (Accel Supercoil with Accel wires). Most other things on the car were original, including decals, etc....

Your rule #14 "Do not deduct for safety related equipment"

We want this to explicitly include tires, headlamps, and even aftermarket shoulder seatbelts and added 3rd brake lamps. All of these are safety related.

Tires (esp. size) can be a point of contention. But who is the "judge" who can deduct points, if the owner thinks they make his Oldsmobile look better?

At this point you are wondering about which Karl's car was.

It was driven to Lansing for the Centennial meet. It ferried Oldsmobilers downtown for the ceremonies. (and always found free parking!) It was driven to (and won an award at) the last two Homecomings, and will be there again this year. It was driven to the Lone Star nationals, by way of Lansing, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, OKC, and Big D. (Homecoming to Nats!) We didn't go to Persippany. But we will be in Denver, with the same car. Sadly, the Ninety Eight is not finished....

What car?

It's the 1965 Dynamic 88 that showed as Unrestored in Irving. JWO used it as background for other cars in its pictures. We dont know how we feel about that. But we'll be there hanging with Oldsmofolk who appreciate us.

Thanks in advance.

Karl Aunan

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