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72 Cutlass Supreme

    Well we have finally begun work on the 72 again after a long hiatus. I have started the tedius and expensive task of amassing parts. We now have the OAI hood and accys, reworked "5" heads, engine gasket set, bearings, Performer intake, carb kit, block, crank, pistons. Hopefully we will have some new pics posted soon.

    On the weekend of Oct 7-8, 2000 we pulled the motor out for a re-build. As things would have it, it has turned into a multi year project. I have changed plans a few times along the way as well. To see a complete list of the changes to be made to the car, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

     A new paint job will soon follow. We have decided on repainting the car back to it's original white color. With deep metallic purple stripes on the hood. The SSIII's will be painted to match, although 15" X 10" & 15" X 8" Cragar Pro Star wheels w/ 295-50-15 rear, and 265-50-15 front, may also be used on the car.


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These photos were taken right after we bought the car. The last photo is Alex Edwards, Myself, and Dave Gooch working on Dave's beast. I hope to have some updated pics real soon.

     There is a lot of work to be done, but the car is amazingly complete and intact considering.

     The car was smoking profusely the whole way home. We made the mistake of shutting it off at a gas station, with a large thunder storm right behind us. Needless to say it took about fifteen minutes to jump start the car.

     The first few things I did after getting it home was to replace the passenger side quarter window (broken, and just happen to have a spare lying around) and to put the drivers door window back on the track. We have replaced all the lug nuts with chrome acorn style ones (I know, I know, big mod huh?) and replaced the missing center caps.

Parts List

This is a list of parts I already have and things I plan on adding.

  • Edelbrock Performer Intake
  • Comp Cams Extreme Energy 262 Hyd. Cam
  • "5" Heads Reworked With HD Springs and large valves
  • .010 Oversized Bearings
  • Mondello Oil Restrictor Kit
  • .030 TRW True Flat Top Pistons (W31 Style)
  • '70 Rods notched
  • Crank: Nodular, Cross Drilled, Chamfered, and Polished
  • Main Caps cut for Mondello Stud and Strap Kit
  • Q-Jet Carb Rebuild (Sparky's Carb Service)
  • DynoMax Headers
  • Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust System
  • 200-4R Trans Swap
  • Shift Works 4 Speed Auto Shifter Conversion Kit
  • Energy Suspensions Urethane Motor Mounts
  • New Carpet and Pad, and Interior Kit (OPG)
  • New Tunes (Alpine, Lanzar, Crossfire, Ect...)
  • W-25 Ram Air Hood (Aftermarket)
  • New Grills
  • OAI Air-Cleaner and accys
  • PST Front End Rebuild Kit
  • 442 Notched Rear Bumper
  • Paint Job to Come Soon!!!
  • Wheel Vintique's 15" SSIII wheels
  • 265-50 Front, 295-50 Rear

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