Visitors Rides - '64-'72

Tony Mueller's

1972 Ninety Eight

     This is my current Olds, my two past ones were 1967 442, 400engine, 4speed and a 1966 Cutlass S 330engine, 4 speed. This 1972 Ninety Eight is my pleasure car. I have owned it for three years now and have grown attached to it. It has never failed to start and run and it is a pleasure to drive. It's also kind of sporty. The 455 and TH400 help it move right along and it's very comfortable with the tilt wheel and power seat. It's got a lot of guts too, I pulled a pickup loaded with wood that was buried in mud out with hardly a spin of the wheels. I am the 3rd owner and am working on restoring it along with my 1966 Impala. One of these days I would like to paint it tangerine red, it would set off the black interior nicely. The best part is that it only has 110,000 miles so it has a long while for any rebuilding. I love Oldsmobiles.

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