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     SSII wheels

      The second wheel offered for intermediates by Oldsmobile was the Super Stock II, GM part number 400422. Introduced in 1968 as option code N66, this wheel was a 14" X 6" stamped steel rally with a 5 lugs on a 4¾" bolt circle. It was painted grey with the raised areas surrounding the 5 holes painted a brighter shade of silver. This wheel incorporated a brushed, stainless trim ring and a large center ornament held in place by five machine screws.

     In 1969, this wheel basically remained the same, save a few changes. First, the wheel now used five chrome bezels around each of the holes. Second the wheel no longer had the raised areas painted a different shade, the whole wheel in now painted grey. For the Hurst Olds, however, the wheel received a chrome rim (in place of the beauty ring, pictured below) and was 15" X 7" with the center area still painted grey (although some of the '69 H/O's you see will have gold painted centers).

     Again, in 1970, changes were made. The wheel was now 14" X 7" with the same argent paint, and hardware as in previous years. Except for the snap on center cap that was used in 1975, This wheel remained unchanged for 5 years, when it was dropped after the 1975 model year. 1974 also saw the addition of a 15" X 7" wheel to the line-up.

     Somewhere along the line, presumably when the wheel changed from bolt on center to snap on center in 1975, the back spacing or offset was changed. An 80's 14" or 15" SSIII wheel will bolt up to a 64-75 car just fine, but if you try to put a 68-75 14" bolt on center cap wheel onto a 78-88 Cutlass you will run into problems. The very outer edge of the wheel lip on the backside will rub on the upper control arm. A eighth to ¼" wheel spacer will solve the problem, but pay close attention when doing this swap.

69 SSII Hurst/Olds
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70-74 SSII
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