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I really enjoy the Olds mail list server group because of the high quality of postings, and how polite we tend to be with one another. The humor from the list, dry one liners, experiences, jokes you can see a mile away, have really brightened my day! We're even polite (sometimes) in regard to that lesser, though more popular, brand.

This FAQ favors Olds' from around the muscle car era, and ignores a bunch of 70's to 90's 4 & 6 cylinder and corporate me-too models. This has resulted from the absense of mail list server postings about these cars.

Thanks to everyone who have made this FAQ possible. Initially I just tossed everything together, and as a result lost a lot of contributor information. I then started to give people credit for posting information. I plan to keep doing this until it turns into a maintenance nightmare. Please let me know if I have included something you posted and your name is not listed. Overall, let's just say that the FAQ is ours. Not mine, but yours, deal?

The people contributing to the mail list server are the knowledge base. I have also contributed certain information, but have decided to leave my name off. My apologies for leaving anyone off this list - I'm sure there are some - there are a few anonymous contributors. Please e-mail me with the appropriate addition!

Remember, this is a member driven project. The more input and information recieved from members, the better the FAQ will become.

Please mail any changes, comments, complaints and/or disagreements to David Brown, and I will respond to you.

And now a little something for the spammers: Permission to use the following e-mail addresses for unsolicited business e-mail is withdrawn as of Sept. 2, 1998. Unsolicited business mail will be proof read, and a $200.00 US charge invoiced to the sender.

The following people have contributed information found in this FAQ, and have made putting it together rather easy.

Tom and Gail Adams
[email protected]
Jason Adcock
[email protected]
Doug Ahern
[email protected]
George Aigeldinger
[email protected]
Eric Aksomitis
[email protected]
Mike Aldana
[email protected]
Michael Allen
[email protected]
Brian Alling
[email protected]
Brian Ammons
[email protected]
Robert Anderson
[email protected]
Susan Aprill
[email protected]
Donny Arnold
[email protected]
Ed Atlee
[email protected]
Mike Van Auken
Mike Van Auken
Nick Augenstein
[email protected]
Brad Baker
[email protected]
Bob Barry
[email protected]
Thomas Bartee
[email protected]
Without Greg administering the Olds Mail List Server, none of us would have this FAQ.
Peter Berusch
[email protected]
Richard Biebrich
[email protected]
Lou Biggs
[email protected]
Ed Binnix
[email protected]
John T. Blair
[email protected]
Bob Blanchard
[email protected]
Mike Bloomer
[email protected]
Bryan Bodine
Loyd Bonecutter
[email protected]
Frank Boerger
Matthew Bremmer
[email protected]
Paul Brillhart
[email protected]
David Brode
[email protected]
David Brown
[email protected]
Josh Brown
[email protected]
Eric Brubakken
[email protected]
Bruce D. Brumm
[email protected]
Charley Buehner
[email protected]

Edwin Burger
[email protected]
G. Douglas Burton
[email protected]
Mike Burton
[email protected]
Dave Carolfi
[email protected]
John Carri
[email protected]
Jeff Carter
[email protected]
Dennis Casteele
Olds Authority - what else is there to say other than we'll miss him?
Angel Castrodad
[email protected]
Brett Chaveriat
[email protected]
Jim Chermack
[email protected]
Gerald Christiana
[email protected]
Tim Churchill
[email protected]
Pat Clark
[email protected]
Scott Clark
[email protected]
Mike Coccagna
[email protected]
Glenn Connors
[email protected]
Mark Cornea
[email protected]
Ray Costanzo
[email protected]
Gary J. Couse
[email protected]
Brent Covey
[email protected]
Matt Cremean
[email protected]
Dave Cullen
[email protected]
Bill Culp
[email protected]
A big THANKS to Bill for the abundance of interchange information!
Roger Currie
[email protected]
Tim Customs
[email protected]
Todd Daenzer
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Databook and Price Guide 4-4-2 1964-1986
by R. Perry Zavitz
Charles Dempsey
< HREF="MailTo:[email protected]">[email protected]
Nick DiGiovanni
[email protected]
Dave Dillon
[email protected]
Ian M. C. Dixon
[email protected]
[email protected]
Jim Donoghue
[email protected]
Wayne Drusch
[email protected]
Carl Dudash
[email protected]
George Dumpit
[email protected]
Collyn Eastham
[email protected]
Jeff Easton
[email protected]
Michael Ecker
[email protected]
Ed Ekstrom
[email protected]
Paul Elosge
[email protected]
Derek Esplin
[email protected]
Bobby Etzel
[email protected]
Mike Evans
[email protected]
Todd Evans
[email protected]
Chris Fair
[email protected]
Sean Fay
[email protected]
Cliff Feiler
[email protected]
Robert F. Feitt
[email protected]
Erik Ferguson
[email protected]
Lloyd Ferguson
[email protected]
Joe Ferrero
[email protected]
Brent Fields
[email protected]
Matt Finholm
Matt Finholm
Mike Fisher
[email protected]
Patrick Flowers
[email protected]
Ron Forsee
[email protected]
John Foster
[email protected]
Michael R. Frederick
Toro Mail List Administrator
[email protected]
A big THANKS to Mike for all the Radio and Speaker tech info! Without Mike administering the Toro Mail List Server, we wouldn't have that resource.

Alan Friedrich
[email protected]
Marvin Friesen
[email protected]
Wes Fujii
[email protected]
Art Fuller
[email protected]
Stefan Gadecki
[email protected]
Don Gatrell
[email protected]
Gene Gatti
[email protected]
Bruce Geiger
[email protected]
John Gene
Andy Geeting
Scott Geiger
Randy Geisel
Mick Gillespie
Gene Gilpin
Glenn's Oldsmobile Tune-up and Repair Guide 1955 -1974
by Harold T. Glenn
Copyright 1974, Harold T. Glenn
Bill Gochenour
Ed Gonfindini
Frank Gonzalez
Bill Goodnight
Spencer Grant
Andrew C. Green
Rich Grega
Daniel A. Gulino
Pat Hadwin
Bob Hale
Michael R. Hall
Todd Hall
Tim Hammerlund
Bob Handren
Glen Hankins
Steve Harrison
Jim Harrell
Steve Harris
Paul Hartlieb
Roger Heath
Dennis Heinle
Kurt Heinrich
Henry's Garage
Randy Hermsen
Jeff Herndon
Roger Hitson
Jim Hoekendijk
Luke Hogan
Kevin Hoopingarner
Stephen Hoover
Everett Horton
Kurt Horton
Howard Hosenbold
Peter L. House
Gerald Hughes
Jeff Hunter
Jim Hurd
The Hurst Heritage, High Performance History
by Robert C. Lichty and Terry V. Boyce
Copyright 1983, Dobbs Publications Inc.
Esko Ilola
Ernie Johnson
Dennis Johnson
Sam Johnson
Samuel Johnson
Mike Jones
Greg Kalkhoff
Toro FAQ Administrator
Thanks to Greg for creating the Toro FAQ!
John Kreitzer
Ray Kelly
Steve Kenny
Brothers Automotive
Denney Keys
Clif King
Doug Kitchener
Aaron Kollsmith
Scott Kozhill
Kerry Kroger
Mike Krumwiede
Jason Labay
A big THANKS to Jason for the abundance of 442 information!
Don Lacey
Robert Lavey
Peter Landowski
Robert Lawrence
Trevor Lee
Tom Lentz
George & Joan Lesperance
Rob Lewis
Brian Lorway
Gregg Ludlam
Jar Lyons
Lance Mackey
Lisa Madsen
Rob Malland
Dan Mann
Paul Martin
Thomas Martin
Scott Martindale
Matthew Mayer
David McDougall
Cliff McFarlane
Jim McKeague
Sean Meldrum
John McMenamin
Travis McWaters
Chris Miller
Tom Millard
Tony Molinaro
Mondello Performance Products, Inc.
1103 Paso Robles Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446
John Monnin
Ray Moriarty
Todd Morris
Scott Mullen
Jeff Mullenix
Jaakko Mustakallio
Flynt Myrick
Mat Nadrofsky
George Nenadovich
Aaron Neumann
Bob Newbegin
Brad Nicholson
President, Capitol City Rockets
Frederick Nissen
R. Kevin Noon
Chuck Noppe
Erik Nowacki
David Nye
Kevin O'Brien
Steve Ochs
Oldsmobile, Division of General Motors
Well, they sort of originated everything in this FAQ!
Oldsmobile Muscle Cars
by William Holder and Phillip Kunz
Copyright 1994, Phillip Kunz
Jim Olson
Brad Otto
A special thanks to those people who I cannot identify!
Joe Padavano
John Pajak
Jonathan Parke
Scott Parker
Paul Pate
Dave Paulison
Steve Paulson
John Pajak
Trond Jarle Trond Pedersen
Larry Pegg
Phil Penketh
Frank Evan Perdicaro
Roger Peterson
Clayton Pierce
A big THANKS to Clayton for proof reading the FAQ!
Ken Pilidis
Brent Pinkstaff
John Preston
Mark Prince
Fernando Proietto
Greg Pruett
Randy in Oklahoma
Steve Reed
Bill Reilly
Rod Rickenbach
Bruce Roe
Dave Rogers
Greg Rollin
Mike Rothe
Ken Rotten
Gary Rubrich
Gilbert Russell
Curt Salada
Blaine Sanders
Dave Van Sant
Robert Schinkel
Mike Schlottman
Chad Schwartz
Rich Scott
John "Shoe-Man" Schumacher
Drew Senko
Ron Setran
Setting the Pace
Brian Shankle
Kurt Shubert
Cliff Simpson
Laurence Simpson
Slant/6 Web Site
Peter Sliskovich
Peter Slisz
Cecil Smalley
Chris Smetana
Dave Smith Engineering
P.O. Box 607
Corona, CA 91718-0607
Thomas Smith
Ken Snyder
James Stafford
Sherry Soball
Jeff Stanish
Graham Stewart
Thomas Stoner
Schurkey Swanke
Rob Thomas
Igor Todorovic
Mark Tupper
Mike Turley
Shawn M. Twomey
Rob Turner
Chris Urban
Mike Van Auken
Bob Valentine
Al Varhus
Delvin Vogle
Dave Voorhis
Butch Vosburgh
Tony Waldner
Todd Wallin
Mark Weinberger
Jack Wendel
Jon Wessel
Director, Hurst/Olds Club of America
Scott Wheeler
Robert Whitaker
Warren Whitmore
David Whittemore
Tony Williamson
David Wilk
Dan Williams
Brett Wilson
Chris B. Witt
Rocket Science
*the* Rocket Scientist
A big THANKS to Chris for the abundance of engine information!
Kevin Wong
Ray Woodward
Scott Woodworth
Dave Wyatt
Dorian Yeager
Chuck Zallow
Ali Zalzala
Jeff Zeilmann

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