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Daryl "Leadfoot" Wright's

1972 Ninety Eight LS

This is my 1972 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight L.S.4 dr HT,Nicknamed "Black Velvet" by a close female friend. I have owned this car since August,1985. I am at least the third known owner.The car has,as of the time I am writing,334,435 known miles.It may even be more.It is powered by the powerful 455 Olds V-8,with a Turbo 400 trans.It has a 2.91 rear end.The car has power steering,brakes,windows,seats and trunk release,Tilt & Telescopic steering, Air Conditioning, Dual Exhaust, Cornering Lamps, Rear window defogger, A trailer hitch, a Cobra 29 C.B.Radio, and a Delco AM/FM/Cass radio from an'83 LeSabre, with several added speakers behind the rear seat, as well as speakers in the factory locations. It looks perfectly stock,with no holes cut for anything.

The car is presently being "Restified", I am planning on adding a few speed parts to the engine while I am overhauling it, on top of repainting it again,and possibly getting a better stereo for it.

Leadfoot 2

The car has done a best of a 15.97 quarter(in 1989),and has been well in excess of it's maximum indicated speed of 120 mph on the open interstate.This car is much faster than many people think.It's regular,comfortable cruising speed is about 80-85 mph.

A unique feature of this car is the rear clock and dome light controls.There are separate controls for the interior lights in the back of it's front seat,along with a second clock.These items were bragged upon 20 yrs later by several High-End Import luxury car makers,but the 1972 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight beat them to it by two decades!!! Many of it's rear passengers through the years have commented that they"Never have seen a car with a clock and lights in the back seat like that??"

Leadfoot 3

It is a spacious,roomy car that will seat four in luxury,six in comfort,and eight if they don't mind squeezing in.It has a trunk that most $50,000 cars can only envy,and low end power like a Locomotive!!!

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