Visitor's Rides - '64-'72

Lee & Bobbie Gans

1964 Cutlass Convertible

Gans' 1964 Cutlass

In 1966 Lee and Bobbie Gans were married, started a new job, and transferred to a new state. It was decided Bobbie needed a better car. Her requirements were power everything and air conditioning. Lee's was that it be a convertible. One evening while driving by the local Buick, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac dealer this 1964 Cutlass convertible with 21,000 miles caught their eyes. After driving the car, dickering about the price, an agreement was reached and a down payment would seal the deal. Being newlyweds, ready cash was hard to come by, so they offered the used car salesman a Timex watch (which he refused). The salesman did accept a twenty-dollar bill!!! As the license tag (R 1ST) indicates, we had purchased our first car as a married couple.

Gans' 1964 Cutlass

After Bobbie drove the Cutlass for eight years (odometer reading 46,262), it was decided we needed a more traditional family car for our young children. We were offered $200.00 for the cutlass as a trade in on a new station wagon. After ten days the dealer called and offered to come down the two hundred dollars on the station wagon and we could keep the convertible. (Bobbie and Lee thought they could get more for the Cutlass by selling it themselves, but never did get around to putting it for sale.)

Gans' 1964 Cutlass


We have driven "R 1ST" to all shows, including the following!:

  • 1995 Olds Regional Show - Denver, Colorado --- Best of Class
  • 1996 Olds National Show - Atlanta, Georgia --- Best of Class
  • 1998 Olds National Show - Springfield, Illinois --- First Place - Senior
  • 1999 Olds National Show - Dallas, Texas --- First Place - Senior

$20.00 Down!

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