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Doug Newman's
1987 442

      Greetings from Columbus, Mississippi. This is my pride-n-joy, a 1987 442. I bought it in July of 1993 from a used car lot in Vernon, Alabama. The car had been well maintained internally and mechanically, it just needed some external work. When I saw the ad in the paper, I had to have it. (I had wanted one when they were new in '87, but I was still in college at the time and couldn't afford one...) The part of the ad that really floored me was that it only had 28,200 original miles, and it had never been smoked in. It's burgundy metallic, or "black cherry", (GM Paint Code WA8529L) with maroon interior.

     It has the High Output Olds 307 "9" code engine, TH 200-4R 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission with the 3.73 rear end, Rallye Gauge package, and rear air shocks. It also has T-Tops and all the power options except for the power trunk release. After I looked at it and test drove it, I "fell in love." The salesman told me the original owner worked at a barber shop around the corner, so I went to ask him why he sold it. Get this: his wife made him trade it in for a HONDA ACCORD! (Let the record show that there are no tan lines on MY ring finger... ;-) I told him it was going to a good home, and I promptly went into debt for the next three years.

     As stated earlier, I had a lot of external work done to it. First, the silver lower body accent was repainted on both sides and the front bumper. (The original owner lived on a gravel road.) The burgundy had been repainted, so I had it wet sanded and buffed. The following is a list of everything that was replaced, back when you could still get parts from GM:
  • Chrome molding around the front and rear windshields, plus the chrome strip on each T-top.
  • All the side impact molding.
  • Two of the gold fender stripes. (You'd think they have real gold dust IN them for what the dealer charges...)
  • Hood ornament and rocket emblem on front cap.
  • Center caps on SS III wheels.
  • Right front bumper turn signal lamp. (Original was water-damaged.)
  • Tag holder with a custom made Oldsmobile tag.
  • (The only thing replaced inside was the rubber pad for the brake pedal.)

     The only mechanical modification it has is a B&M shift kit that I had installed in August of '96. The transmission seemed a little "mushy", a comment I've received from other mid '80's G body owners. The B&M kit has given it a noticeable improvement in acceleration. It also has a K&N air filter.

     The appearance package is completely stock except for the trunk. The factory trunk was killing me in car shows. (1/4" black mat on the floor, primer in the fender wells, donut spare tire showing, etc.) The trunk was customized at Long's Glass and Kustom Interiors in Vernon, Alabama.

     As of Feb. 21, 2001, the odometer showed 39,054 miles. It's won numerous First Place awards at car shows, and I've received many offers on it. I always decline to sell it, though, because I love my Olds!

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