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Body ID - 1966

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     Tri Power! That's what Olds added to the 442 in 66 (and only in 66) with option L69. This put 442 square in the face of the GTO 3 duce set up. Another first for 442 this year was the introduction of the W30 option. Considered a drag race option, this added a hotter camshaft, forced air induction, a 4.33 rear end ratio, and the L69 tri-power set up to the 442. Also new for the year was the debut of the Cutlass Supreme to the F85 corral, though only available as a 4dr. The rest of the line up remained much the same except for the annual styling changes for all GM's.

     The stylized vents just ahead of the rear wheels on the 65 442's were now moved to the front fenders and changed in look a slight bit. With the W30 Cold air package added to the 66 the battery was moved to the trunk area to make room for the air ducts that now took up that area. Scoops for the induction were placed in the fronr bumper just next to the front turn siginals.

66 442 W30 Trunk

1966 442 Side Vents

1966 442 W30 Front

1966 W30 & L69 Tri-Power

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