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Body ID - 1964

A Body

      For 1964 GM made huge changes to the A body platform. Chrysler with the Dodge Charger and Plymouth Barracuda and Ford with the all new Mustang just around the corner had Oldsmobile and the rest of GM looking for new ways to keep up with the "Young" market. Larger cars with longer wheel bases and bigger engines were just the ticket.

     The F85 group was now a intermediate. The base engine for F85 was the inline-6 with the 290 HP 330-CI being the only engine option offered for '64 (for mere $34). The 442 option B09 offered mid-year on the F85 was only $136.Included was a 330 4bbl, 4 speed manual trans and dual exhaust, plus front and rear oversized sway bars, heavy springs, heavy duty cooling, and a unique to 442 dual snorkel air cleaner. The only markings that visually clued people in to the fact were small "4-4-2" scripts on the front fenders and right rear trunk lid corner. Authenticating one is difficult so take caution before buying one.

1964 F85 Cutlass Convertible

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