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1972 442

Bill's 442

      This is my 72 Olds 442 which was purchased by me in Dec. of 1999. The car has been in New Jersey all it's life. I have been a long time Oldsmobile fan, if you go to the links page here you will see my web site (Bills 72) with a bunch of past Olds I have had. 1972 was year after the strike which makes verification of my car being a real 442 a little hard. I do have the protecto plate but have not dug around for the build sheet. I do believe it is a 442 from what I have found so far. The car is pretty much all original with the exception of a holley carb and headers which were put on. It even has 5 SS1 wheels which are in pretty good shape. It has a 350/TH350, 10 bolt Posi rear, console shifter with black interior. What I wished it had, First and most, Ram Air Hood and second cut out rear bumper (Not all 1972 442's came with the cut out rear bumper)So far I have not done anything to the car but drive it once in a while, Sorry, I lied, I put a shift kit and gauges in, couldn't stand that soft shift and I'm a true believer in mechanical gauges. My Plans for the car, Well That's changed a couple times. I purchased a 455 engine and a TH400 trans which I started building but it has become more of a race engine/trans and I hate to turn this original car into a race car. So, I am looking for a rolling chassis to put this 455 into and I will use the 1972 442 as my street car. Hopefully one day I will complete the car as a nice, almost original (Will keep header at least)street car to cruise with. Thanks for looking, Bill

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